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Posted on 08/14/2022
A Thriving US Industrial Market
The US industrial market has thrived both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. And this sector is showing no signs of slowing as companies continue to seek or build warehouse space across the United States. One of the main challenges for the industrial real estate market in Southeast Florida are: - The lack of available land (The Everglades...
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Posted on 08/01/2022
What Do higher Interest Rates Mean For The US Real Estate Market?
After raising rates in March, then in June and again at the end of July, the US Federal Reserve is sending a strong signal, hoping to control inflation and the globally high prices of real estate, food and gas. The recent rate increases are the most significant in 40 years. As a result, the residential real estate market...
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Posted on 07/17/2022
Why So Much Buzz Around The Metaverse?
Why is there such a buzz around the metaverse? What is the metaverse exactly? Cities like Seoul and Dubai are heavily investing in the metaverse, leading to the potential creation of thousands of jobs. South Korea has emerged as a global technology power in recent decades, giving rise to industry giants like Samsung, LG and Hyundai. If the...
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Posted on 07/08/2022
Southeast Florida's Boom Fueled By The Pandemic And The Explosion Of Digital Nomads
The ongoing housing and commercial property inventory (except for office space) shortages happening in Southeast Florida, from Miami to West Palm Beach since mid 2020, has been fueled by a strong rise in demographic during the pandemic. The rise of technology, which accelerated during the spread of Covid, coupled with the expansion of a remote workforce has given...
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Posted on 06/23/2022
Have Most Services Provided By Tech Companies Been Subsidized?
I recently read an interesting article written by Derek Thompson for the Atlantic. If what he describes is an actual lasting trend happening in many cities, it could clearly impact the way many of us live and purchase products and services. The journalist tells the story of when he recently needed a ride home after a late night,...
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Posted on 06/17/2022
How An Upcoming Slower Physical Real Estate Market Can Open Opportunities For Tokenization And The Metaverse
Last Wednesday, the US Federal Reserve raised the rates by 0.75, its sharpest increase since 1994, in order to try to cool down a US overheated economy and incredibly high real estate prices, across asset types; from houses, condos to warehouses or land. Watch here a video presentation by Chistine Cooper, US Chief Economist for to find...
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Posted on 05/12/2022
Will Rising Interest Rates Cool Down The Super Hot Real Estate Market?
Most of us know that the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates by half of a point in early May, so what does that really mean? The Fed's primary goal is to slow down the record inflation, which means it hopes to reduce the rise in prices we are seeing on nearly everything we buy today; from groceries...
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Posted on 05/03/2022
First Crypto Residential Listing In The United States Creates Disruption
This is going to be disrupting news, expanding the growing impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies on real estate: the seller of a recently listed penthouse in Denver, Colorado, only wants to receive proceeds in crypto from the buyer. The asking price is $12 millions; this is a lot of digital currency to circulate from buyer's to seller's digital...
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Posted on 04/29/2022
What To Expect From A Tight Real Estate Inventory?
According to recent articles published by Florida Realtors, moving and truck renting companies such as U-Haul and United Van Lines report that Florida ranks as a top relocation destination state in the United States. As many individuals have moved to Florida since 2020 as well as their businesses or their job, the residential and commercial real estate inventory...
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Posted on 04/13/2022
Understanding Blockchain
There is much buzz about Blockchain... but what is it exactly? What is it used for? In this seven-minute video, I try to explain what it is and explore some of its main applications. One of them is real estate. The Blockchain technology is disrupting real estate investment, transactions and proof of ownership. If you have any questions...
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Posted on 02/25/2022
Did You Know You Can Use Your Crypto To Get A Mortgage?
The pandemic has turned millions of people into digital nomads; we can now live and work anywhere as long as we can we can interact and work remotely. This is one of the most disrupting trends of the last decades and probably since the creation of the " World Wide Web". This trend has led to a growing...
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Posted on 02/21/2022
Get Customized Market Data Before You Decide To Sell Your Commercial Properties
When you are considering selling a commercial real estate property, make sure that you work with a real estate agent who can provide you with current local market analytics which are customized to the area where your property is located as well as your asset type: industrial, office, multifamily or retail. This allows you to know where you...
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