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Posted on 01/20/2022
How Blockchain, Crypto and NFTs Are Impacting Real Estate
Real estate is a fairly traditional industry, whose evolution is often challenged by its rigid regulations. The recent acceleration of the growth of the blockchain technology, the appeal of cryptocurrencies and NFTs are pushing the industry players to purchase, sell and record real estate transactions in faster, safer and innovative ways. Until recently, real estate transactions have often...
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Posted on 01/10/2022
The Residential Real Estate Market Does Not Show Signs Of Retreat Early 2022
According to studies from the MLS and the National Association of Realtors, after a fast-moving and impressive year in residential real estate sales, the housing market does not show signs of retreat starting 2022. Demand continues, especially in cities located in the Southeast of the United States where population growth has been particularly strong, while the number of...
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Posted on 12/28/2021
Miami-Dade County Record Residential Real Estate Sales
According to numbers provided by the Miami Association of Realtors and the MLS ( Real estate Multiple Service Listing ); Miami-Dade County total home sales rose 22.9% year-over-year in November 2021, from 2,459 sales to 3,021. Single-family home transactions increased 1.2%, from 1,154 to 1,168. Existing condo sales increased 42%, from 1,305 to 1,853. “The demand for Miami...
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Posted on 12/05/2021
Miami Real Estate Market Expected To Grow As In-Person Art Fairs And International Travelers Return
In a recently published article by Miami Today, Miami International Airport has seen an average of 5,000 international passenger arrivals daily since international incoming travel restrictions were lifted on November 8th ( for vaccinated travelers ), and totals of international travelers flying into Miami now surpass 2019. Also, new international flights to Amsterdam, Holland; Casablanca, Morocco; Chetumal, Mexico;...
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Posted on 11/28/2021
Why Is Miami Becoming A Tech Hub And How Can You Get Involved ?
Miami is set to become one of the world's tech hubs and this is the perfect time for you to be part of this exciting adventure ! In this video, I provide a few insights for you to better understand why investing in Miami based companies, educational institutions or in real estate is a strategic way to leverage...
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Posted on 11/08/2021
Softbank Has Invested $250 Millions In Miami Startups In Less Than A Year
I recently read an inspiring article published on about Miami's very promising future economic and tech developments. Softbank Group, a Japanese multinational focusing on investment management, has announced early 2021 that it would invest $100 millions in tech startups based in the Miami area. However, as of the end of October, the investment firm has already invested...
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Posted on 10/21/2021
What Drives A Hot And Tight Industrial Real Estate Market ?
I attended an eye-opening and very informative presentation and panel discussion on October 20th, coordinated by CIASF ( Commercial and Industrial Association of South Florida ) about the current industrial real estate market in the tri-county area ( Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach ). The South East Florida industrial market is really hot as demand has been much...
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Posted on 10/17/2021
Turn Your Crypto Assets Into Real Estate Assets
For those who have been investing in cryptocurrency for a few years or who started buying digital currencies during the first Covid lockdowns during the Spring of 2020, be aware that you can turn your crypto assets into real estate assets. I can help you facilitate this process as long as you are willing to invest in residential...
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Posted on 09/23/2021
Easing Of Travel Restrictions For Foreign Nationals Flying To The US May Bring International Buyers Back
I have been waiting for this news for a long time; since early 2020, when the US administration issued an international ban for foreign nationals traveling to the United States in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This travel ban will finally be eased on November 8th, 2021 as citizens and residents from China, India, Brazil, South...
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Posted on 09/12/2021
Love Letters To Sellers : Why Buyers And Their Agents Need To Be Careful
Over the last few months, many residential real estate buyers have added a "love letter" to their purchase offer in order for their offer to stand out from other simultaneous offers. What is a buyer love letter? A buyer love letter is essentially a note or letter that a buyer wants to write to a seller to appeal...
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Posted on 08/10/2021
Three Tips to Help First Time Home Buyers Have a Smoother Experience
I sometimes work with first time home buyers and although each person has his/her own approach to the home search and buying process, here are some of the pieces of advice I often give in order to create a smoother experience, when trying to navigate this path for the first time : 1 ) Define how much you...
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Posted on 08/03/2021
The Single-Family Home Rental Market Offers Attractive Investment Opportunities
We are all familiar with real estate investors purchasing condominiums, multifamily buildings, retail and office spaces to receive monthly cash flow. However, a trend is growing in another section of the real estate investment market : purchasing single-family homes or houses and renting them out to tenants. This market has actually been outperforming the office and retail markets...
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