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Posted on 09/12/2021
Love Letters To Sellers : Why Buyers And Their Agents Need To Be Careful
Over the last few months, many residential real estate buyers have added a "love letter" to their purchase offer in order for their offer to stand out from other simultaneous offers. What is a buyer love letter? A buyer love letter is essentially a note or letter that a buyer wants to write to a seller to appeal...
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Posted on 08/10/2021
Three Tips to Help First Time Home Buyers Have a Smoother Experience
I sometimes work with first time home buyers and although each person has his/her own approach to the home search and buying process, here are some of the pieces of advice I often give in order to create a smoother experience, when trying to navigate this path for the first time : 1 ) Define how much you...
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Posted on 08/03/2021
The Single-Family Home Rental Market Offers Attractive Investment Opportunities
We are all familiar with real estate investors purchasing condominiums, multifamily buildings, retail and office spaces to receive monthly cash flow. However, a trend is growing in another section of the real estate investment market : purchasing single-family homes or houses and renting them out to tenants. This market has actually been outperforming the office and retail markets...
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Posted on 08/01/2021
What Could Be The Impact Of The End Of The Moratorium On Evictions On The Real Estate Market ?
The Federal moratorium on evictions was implemented by the CDC in September 2020 for residential real estate tenants who were struggling to pay their rent due to Covid-19 related loss of job or income and to protect them from being evicted. After being extended several times, it ended on July 31st. Congress had voted a $46 billion in...
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Posted on 07/22/2021
How Companies Are Trying To Motivate Their Employees Go Back To The Office
For those who were able to work from home for 12 to 15 months, negotiating a hybrid schedule with their employer and allowing a combination of remote work from home and work at the office can be a way to re-connect with their peers and their company culture, while avoiding too much commute to and back from the...
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Posted on 07/16/2021
Less Than 30% Of Properties For Sale Feature Professional Photos
The pandemic has accelerated the use of virtual marketing for residential and commercial properties for sale: virtual tours, virtual open houses, 360 degree videos and drone movies have become more least we would think so. Yet, 94% of properties for sale do not include a virtual tour, and many listings that specify to have a virtual tour...
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Posted on 06/18/2021
Can Vacant Retail And Office Spaces Be Turned Into Affordable Housing ?
The trend started years ago: empty stores and old office buildings being turned into residential properties. As specified in a recent article written by "Even prior to COVID, some transformations were already taking place. Aging factories, office buildings and department stores in Cleveland, for example, had been repurposed to higher-end apartments – even some offering waterfront views....
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Posted on 06/01/2021
The Disruption Of Eating Habits At Work
The pandemic has changed the way restaurants and food spots interact with their customers, the same trend applies for commercial restaurants as well as office cafeterias. Open air salad bars and plastic trays seem to be disapperaing in the corporate dining world. For those who are going or have gone back to the office, lunch may have to...
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Posted on 05/14/2021
This Is How Your Office Could Look Like
The pandemic has changed the way and where we work. As companies are starting to call back employees who worked remotely for 14 months, office space management and design are changing. According to Steelcase, the world's largest office furniture company; many employers have said they will bring at least some of their workers back to the office for...
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Posted on 05/10/2021
Watch This Video : The South East Florida Residential Real Estate Market Is Booming!
I share here some numbers about the single family homes and apartments that sold in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties during the first week of May 2021. Amazing numbers ! Between Fort Lauderdale, Aventura and Miami Beach, the residential real estate market is hot. Grab your dream home or vacation place before the inventory becomes really low. For further...
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Posted on 04/05/2021
The Repurposing Of Retail Space : New Uses Emerging For Vacant Retail Spaces
In this short video, I point out the many vacant retail spaces we see everywhere, as a result of the pandemic and closed businesses. I also address the repurposing of vacant real estate space and outline some of the new uses for shopping centers. Our urban landscapes are changing ! Watch to find out more. If you have...
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Posted on 03/22/2021
Watch This Video : What's The Future Of Office Space ?
In this video I share some insight about how remote work from home has changed our work behavior as well as the design of office spaces. I also address these questions : What's an hybrid work model ? What's the impact on the office market ? If you have any question regarding residential and commercial real estate, please...
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