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Posted on 07/17/2022
Why So Much Buzz Around The Metaverse?
Why is there such a buzz around the metaverse? What is the metaverse exactly? Cities like Seoul and Dubai are heavily investing in the metaverse, leading to the potential creation of thousands of jobs. South Korea has emerged as a global technology power in recent decades, giving rise to industry giants like Samsung, LG and Hyundai. If the...
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Posted on 03/22/2022
Miami Flourishes As One Of The Main Tech Hubs In The World
The Tweet above gives a flavor of what's happening in Miami. Miami's growing identity as one of the world's tech hubs truly emerged in 2021. This trend was the result of a few major happenings: Microsoft leased 50,000 sf at a brand new Class A office building being built in the Brickell area, the launch of Miamicoins; allowing...
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Posted on 11/28/2021
Why Is Miami Becoming A Tech Hub And How Can You Get Involved ?
Miami is set to become one of the world's tech hubs and this is the perfect time for you to be part of this exciting adventure ! In this video, I provide a few insights for you to better understand why investing in Miami based companies, educational institutions or in real estate is a strategic way to leverage...
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Posted on 10/17/2021
Turn Your Crypto Assets Into Real Estate Assets
For those who have been investing in cryptocurrency for a few years or who started buying digital currencies during the first Covid lockdowns during the Spring of 2020, be aware that you can turn your crypto assets into real estate assets. I can help you facilitate this process as long as you are willing to invest in residential...
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Posted on 08/27/2021
How Blockchain Revolutionizes The Process Of Land Registry
Blockchain has become quite popular over the past few years, especially this last year, due to the impressive rise of Bitcoin, followed by the growth of other digital currencies, however financial transactions and cryptocurrencies are just one of the applications of Blockchain, which can include the storage of transactions of value for good and services, medical records or...
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