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Posted on 02/13/2022
I Am Now a Crypto and Blockchain Certified Real Estate Agent!
I am really excited to now be a Crypto Certified real estate agent ( see photo of my course certificate below ). As Web3.0, metaverse, crypto, blockchain, and NFT are words which are getting more mainstream, I felt like jumping on this opportunity to better learn the concepts, tools and technology that link blockchain to real estate. I...
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Posted on 01/20/2022
How Blockchain, Crypto and NFTs Are Impacting Real Estate
Real estate is a fairly traditional industry, whose evolution is often challenged by its rigid regulations. The recent acceleration of the growth of the blockchain technology, the appeal of cryptocurrencies and NFTs are pushing the industry players to purchase, sell and record real estate transactions in faster, safer and innovative ways. Until recently, real estate transactions have often...
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Posted on 01/10/2022
The Residential Real Estate Market Does Not Show Signs Of Retreat Early 2022
According to studies from the MLS and the National Association of Realtors, after a fast-moving and impressive year in residential real estate sales, the housing market does not show signs of retreat starting 2022. Demand continues, especially in cities located in the Southeast of the United States where population growth has been particularly strong, while the number of...
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Posted on 12/31/2021
It's A Great Time To Be An Industrial Property Landlord
According to a recent article published by Costar News based on a study done by CBRE; warehouse tenants who signed five-year leases with standard 3% annual rent increases in 2016 and are at the end of their terms are facing a situation in which they must renew their lease or move out, at a time when rents are...
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Posted on 10/06/2021
Miami Is The First Municipality To Receive Crypto Contributions
Back in June, when the first in-person Bitcoin conference took place in Miami, the city Mayor; Francis Suarez, announced that he was going to turn Miami into a tech hub and allow in the near future city employees to be paid in cryptocurrency. Last August, CityCoins, a protocol that provides its users the opportunity to purchase and trade...
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