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Some things to do if your are having a staycation this summer

by Arielle Biscayart 08/04/2020

What are you doing this summer ?

Many of you are staying home over the summer; reduced vacation budget, social distancing, travel restrictions, fear of catching the virus or canceled festivals, shows and camps are many reasons why you may have decided not to go anywhere. This can bring frustration or sadness, therefore I have selected a few ideas to hopefully provide you with some fun inspiration and activites to do during your staycation, by yourself or with loved ones.

  • Explore the various parks in your area.
  • Coordinate a half day or a day outing to the closest beach or lake.
  • Have a party with long distance friends or relatives including food and drinks on Zoom or on the Houseparty app.
  • Redecorate parts of your home or start looking for a new home, one that better fits your current budget and lifestyle. 
  • Start journaling about your thoughts, fears and dreams.
  • Coordinate a half day spa with scented candles around the house, relaxing music and facials.
  • Go biking or rollerblading.
  • Start meditating with apps such as Insight Timer, Calm or Meditopia.
  • Cook a goumet dinner and set-up a beautiful table, just for yourself or for you and your loved ones.
  • De-clutter your closets; donate what you are no longer wearing nor using and throw away old and useless files.
  • Gather a few friends or relatives for an outdoor picnic or barbecue.
  • Order a fun family game online and play it at home or in a park.
  • Enjoy an outdoor movie or go to a drive-in cinema theater.
  • Get a kindle and read novels or science fiction books.


Photo by Josephine Baran on Unsplash

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